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Shooting On Our Range

Purveyors of Fine Ballistic Therapy

Ammo to be used on our range

                       We no longer allow steel case ammo to be used on our range. 

We inspect all ammo

 No exceptions!!!!!!

​We do not offer range qualification for online LTC students

Our range has 6 (six) 25 yard lanes

All shooters must have a valid State issued Identification either Driver License or State Identification.

Must be legal to own or possess firearms.

All lanes are $12.50 per Hour

2nd Shooter on Same Lane $7.50 (Maximum 3 shooters per lane)

No unpaid shooters on range. Guests can watch from the observation window.

All Targets are $1.00 each. No outside Targets allowed.

Wednesdays are Ladies Day....$5.00 per Hour and includes 1 target.

Pistol rentals available. $10.00 per firearm + you must use our ammo + range time + target

Private Instruction is $50.00 per hour and must be scheduled in advance.

All range use is at your own risk. A range briefing and a waiver signed by all shooters before entering the range (18 y/o and above)

All Shooters under 18 must be accompanied by an adult 21 y/o or older.

Minimum age for range is 8 y/o. Firearms must be compatible for age.

Anyone deemed under the influence, intoxicated or impaired by drugs, alcohol or any legal /  illegal substance will be immediately escorted from the building.

Handgun calibers only up to .44 Magnum in power (No rifle calibers or Shotgun Ammo) Rifles that shoot handgun calibers can be shot here. (yes .45 is okay)

No black powder firearms allowed

Air rifles, BB guns are allowed at usual range charges.

No Steel cased ammo, no incendiary, tracers or shotgun shells including .410. All guns and ammo will be inspected. Magazines should be unloaded.

Please do not bring loaded firearms to shoot on the range. If there is ammo in the gun regardless if there is one in the chamber,  it is considered loaded under Texas law.

License to Carry Holders and LEO's are exempt for carried firearms which must remain holstered until on the range.


Proper dress is required. No open toe shoes, flip flops or sandals.

Eye and Hearing Protection required on all shooters before entering the range. We provide eye and hearing protection at no charge if you don't have your own.

A cap or hat is strongly recommended.


No food or drink allowed on the range. No exceptions.

The Range Safety Officer (RSO) is in control of the range and has the authority to stop shooters from shooting or intervene in unsafe firearm handling/use.

Immediately stop shooting on a command of "Cease Fire" unload your firearm, step back from the booth and await further instructions from the RSO

Keep all firearms pointed down range at all times

Keep your finger off the trigger until ready to fire/shoot...always.

Loaded guns do not go back down on the table. Unload and lock open the firearm or open the cylinder for revolvers.

Keep all firearms unloaded till ready to fire.

One firearm on the table at a time, store the others underneath and unloaded on the lower shelf till ready to use.

Watch your angles when firing.

Unsafe firearms handling, horseplay or shenanigans of any type will be not tolerated.

Do not go forward of the shooting booth for any reason at any time.

Keep all your gear and firearms in your lane. Do not use other lanes even when they are empty.

Do not handle any firearms or load ammo/mags behind the shooting line, period.

Any shooter observed intentionally shooting range equipment or property will be immediately removed from the range. Shooters are responsible for all damage intentionally caused to range equipment or property. Only targets provided by Aransas Firearms LLC may be used. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Do not bring loaded firearms back into the shop when a firearm malfunctions...We will come to the firearm.

You may pick up YOUR OWN brass. Other shooters brass if not picked up by the actual shooter belongs to Aransas Firearms LLC...Theft of brass will result in expulsion from the range and barred from future range use.

If not keeping your brass , please push it against the wall, we will pick it up.

Aransas Firearms LLC is not responsible for lost or stolen property.

No Certified or uncertified person(s) may use this range for commercial purposes or instruct students in any capacity without the written consent of Aransas Firearms LLC. No exceptions. This includes but is not limited to LTC Instructors.