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Current Class Schedule

​Saturday December 4th  0730 - 130 pm

Saturday ​January 15th  0730 - 130 pm

We do not provide range qualification for online LTC students 

Call to reserve your seat!

We instruct only the Texas License to Carry Course

This is a 4-6 Hour Classroom course as required by the Texas Department of Public Safety

The course includes classroom and Firearm Proficiency

All Course materials and range is included. Notary available at no cost.

We offer a safe, friendly atmosphere, whether you are an expert or novice.

Small class sizes for the best individual Instruction

State of the art audio/visual equipment

Experienced, knowledgeable, instructors

Insured and Certified

License To Carry Courses are $100.00 per person

What will the State Fee be for You?

Check here

Texas State LTC Fees​

After September 1st 2017 all new LTC 5 year Licenses

are $40.00 and renewals 40.00. Some exclusions will

apply for Law Enforcement/Military and others. See the DPS website for more information.

What You Will Need to Bring

1.  Your  Texas State Drivers License or ID

2 Your Firearm, Semi Auto Pistols or  Revolvers of *.22 caliber or larger

(* after September 1st, 2017)

3. One box of factory ammo in it's original container. No reloads or remanufactured ammo.

4. Only one magazine allowed on the range. An empty spare can be carried in your pocket

5. Eye protection (Provided at no cost if you don't have them)

6. Hearing Protection (Provided at no cost if don't have them)

7. A cap or hat is strongly recommended

8. No open toe shoes, sandals or flip flops

9. No low cut V-Neck shirts or blouses, please.

10. Dress appropriately, we keep the classroom cool


Things you can do to prepare for the course:

1. Practice with your firearm @ 3, 7 and 15 yards then clean and lubricate it

2. If your firearm will not fire at least five (5) rounds without a malfunction, fix it or get it repaired before the class

Lasers or any type of optic cannot be used for qualification shooting

This Course is not to teach you to shoot but to evaluate your shooting

3. Practice loading your magazines before the class. You should be able to load your magazines quickly and efficiently.

4. Visit the DPS Concealed Handgun Website Page and start your paperwork online before the class. 

5. We take hourly Breaks

6. We provide Snacks, water, coffee and other drinks

All Saturday classes start at 0730 and we open the door at 0725

TXDPS LTC Application

Submit Documentation Here (LTC-100)

We know you have choices. We appreciate your business and will do everything possible to make you a loyal customer!

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