All NRA Courses Are On

Hold Till Further Notice

NRA Basic Pistol Courses  ( 8 Hours)   

NRA Basic Rifle Courses  ( 14 Hours)

NRA First Steps Rifle Orientation ( 3 Hours)

NRA Metallic Cartridge Reloading Courses  (8 Hours)

NRA Shotgun Reloading Courses  ( 6 Hours)

NRA Range Safety Officer Courses  ( 9 Hours)

Refuse To Be A Victim Seminars   ( 4 Hours* )

NRA Pistol Instructor Courses  ( 17 hours* )

NRA Rifle Instructor Courses  ( 20 Hours* )

NRA Chief Range Safety Officer Courses  ( 15 Hours* )

NRA Metallic Reloading Instructor Courses  ( 14 Hours* )
NRA Shotgun Reloading Instructor Courses  ( 12 Hours* )

(*All Instructor Courses include the 6 hour Basic Instructor training

      - not needed if you have taken it within the last 2 years)

Private Instruction on our range......$50.00/hr.  (Not Including ammo)  
                            Call for class dates and pricing

**If You Do Don't Own A Firearm, Loaner Guns Are Available - No Charge** 

Prices for Classes only - Ammunition Not Included

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